At the end of April 2017, I left my Corporate job for the scary world of the Entrepreneur. Well meaning folk tried to talk me out of it, reminding me how well I was being remunerated, but completely overlooking the fact that I was miserable. I wasn’t thriving. I wasn’t growing. I wasn’t even learning new lessons in “what not to do” – it was time for me to go. I had a great team and stakeholders, but it just wasn’t enough anymore.

I worked in an environment which more and more people were beginning to describe as toxic.

Colleagues we saw and worked with day in and day out would walk straight past you without greeting you, worse still, when you greeted them they would look the other way. Colleagues jostling for position to get through the security barriers before you, as if you were queuing for the last Jubilee Line tube home. Colleagues refusing to collaborate, using the dreaded sentence of career suicide “it’s not my job”. Having come of age in the high end of the Hospitality Industry, the idea of a colleague not being of service to customers (internal or external), makes my blood boil and frankly, lose respect for the individual.

I found myself on the receiving end of significantly more coaching conversations which started with, “I want to leave, but…” and “I don’t know what I want to do with my life, but this isn’t it”. I kept asking myself, how can one possibly spend the vast majority of their lives doing something that they don’t enjoy, and then it dawned on me… I too was trading my time for money and while I really loved what I could do with that money, I could not get the time back. For me it was a non-negotiable and I had to follow my dream of becoming a successful, full-time Coach and digital nomad to boot. 

My heart yearned for the freedom and creativity of entrepreneurship, as well as the deep seated need to Coach people. The kind of people who are stuck and not living to their full potential, people who deserve so much better than what they put themselves through daily, people who try as they might are just not achieving all that they could and people who have lost confidence in themselves. The kind of people who are ready, willing and able to take action to change their lives, for the better. My fellow daring action takers.

So for me, the choice was very clear and inevitable. All that was required was a show of confidence in myself and my dream to setup on my own, doing the work that I was always meant to do. Join me on this adventure.

Victoria Canham, Corporate Leadership CoachVictoria Canham, founder of Ahead Together, is a coach, mentor, writer, learning and change management specialist. With a background in many industries and a wealth of skills as diverse as her experience, Victoria is a dynamic survivor who sees the best in you, even when you can’t see it yourself. Victoria grew up in Cape Town, South Africa where she studied Food and Beverage Management and Adult Education. Having lived in London for 12 years, Victoria has had the opportunity to work as a contractor in many different styles of industries and locations, most recently Compliance within Financial Services. Victoria is an iPEC accredited Certified Professional Coach and a member of the ICF. Victoria is also a Mentor for the Prince’s Trust, helping young people get into work and develop their potential.


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