'People leave Managers, not Companies'

~ Victor Lipman


Individual Coaching

Ideal for individuals who are ready to step out of their comfort zone and into the life they have imagined.

Team Coaching

Supporting teams to find and play to their strengths to develop a stronger organisation.


Partnering with new leaders in an organisation to create a strategic, forward thinking, happy leadership.

Rising Stars

Helping the top talent within an organisation to focus their efforts on progression and leadership.

Return to Work

Working together to create a strategy for a successful, mutually beneficial return to work.
Helping to overcome the stress of returning to work.

Career Transition Coaching

Helping professionals to find and move into the next stage of their career.

Grief & PTSD

Supporting sufferers of crippling grief and/ or PTSD to develop coping strategies for moving forward and finding comfort in the present.

Health & Fitness

Developing Health and Fitness strategies based on your goals. Overcoming stress and developing coping strategies and an excellent Work/ Life balance.

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