'Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.'

~ Confucius


“You helped me find my actual dream job in archaeology, I didn’t think it was possible since I had just been made redundant during COVID-19, you told me it was going to be a disguised blessing, I am very happy I listened. I can’t thank you enough.”

~ Luca D, Archaeologist

“Victoria doesn’t waste time telling you she’s an expert – she shows you her expertise!
She is a phenomenal coach with a knack for getting to the heart of whatever is blocking your path to success. Her no nonsense approach empowers and moves you from your current situation (which may no longer be working for you) to where you start to visualise and reach for your full potential, regardless of your level of seniority. Her time in the corporate world means that she can meet you exactly where you are.
I trust and value Victoria as leadership coach, mentor and colleague. She has held my hand when I needed it, and pushed me hard to go for what I want to achieve in my business. Bottom line, her ‘compassionate, meets no excuses’ approach is refreshing and gets results.
I would recommend Victoria all day, every day, to anyone who is serious about creating true transformation and positive change in their lives.”

~ Jessica R, Communication Specialist

“Victoria coached me on my goals for my photography career and business. She helped me gain clarity on where I wanted to go with my career, and helped turn my abstract ideas into clear, practical steps that I could take to reach my goals. It was good to gain her insight and perspective, as she was able to suggest ideas to me that I hadn’t previously considered. I would definitely recommend her to any individual or business that knows what they want for their future, but just needs a bit of guidance as to where to start to turn their ideas into reality.”

~ Lauren F, Photographer

“I have known Vicki for many years, and the one aspect of her personality that is so special is her ability to see things from a different more positive perspective. She has helped me identify and clarify what is important and what is not in both my personal and professional life. She has given me some valuable insight into my personal abilities, sometimes subtly sometimes not so subtly – either way it is appreciated. I know when I need to work things out, I can turn to her to help see things in a better light. ”

~ Fiona R, Team Manager

“I successfully passed probation and happy at this company. Thank you very much again for everything. It was a pleasure! :)”

~ Marietta, Project Site Coordinator

“I want to thank you for all your support and advice during our conversations and emails, it was helpful and I appreciate it very much.”

~ Marta, Product Specialist

“Wow! Thank you so much for the feedback, after a quick read I can see so much to action and improve. This is brilliant, I look forward to making these positive changes.
I will certainly be recommending this to others. Thanks so much for your ongoing support, and providing such great feedback!”

~ Confidential relating to CV Support

“I found it very useful, particularly by putting words around what I actually wanted to do with my life.”

~ Todd, Govt Official

“I first met Victoria at Thomson Reuters. I was immediately struck by her professional credibility and refreshing no-nonsense approach. She instinctively and genuinely wants to help people achieve their potential. Her energy is infectious and she’s a natural coach. She’s helped me focus, set my professional goals and successively achieve them. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Victoria and suggest she can do the same for you.”

~ Greg N, Learning Architect

“Vicki is without question one of the most objective and insightful people I know, and the first person I go to when a level head and sound advice is needed. She always remains objective and has a way of making me feel excited and optimistic about almost any situation or scenario.

The thing I appreciate most about Vicki is her ability to make me feel like the most important person in the world, no matter what is going on in her life at the time.”

~ Robyn H, Service Manager

“Victoria – you helped keep me focused and positive during our time together and I’m really pleased to ‘finally’ share some good news with you :)”

~ Neil, Senior IT Professional

“I’m so happy to inform you that I got employed full-time just before I went on vacation to Cyprus.

Yesterday was my first day of training with them from home. It all happened so quick that I am updating you right now, I wanted to inform you once I’m officially employed 🙂 It was a role I had randomly applied and then forgot about while booking my holidays. Basically, everything happened from the moment I literally stopped worrying and booked my flight, ridiculous!
Hope you are well and thank you so much for all your support and tips throughout the year!

Thank you so so much, I hope you have a great summer and wishing you all the best of everything you wish for 🌺”

~ Sezan, Investigations Specialist

“Victoria helped me to step back and realise that the things I wanted to do are important and, more importantly, possible. I was not tied to just keeping on as things were. I had the chance to do something different and it was in my power to make that change. I am now approaching my life in new way, making sure I am acting in line with the priorities we agreed. Also getting the odd nudge to check I am on track from Victoria is always helpful! Really helped me and leading me to move life forwards in the right way”

~ Tracey C, Head of Talent Management

“After our coaching everything started making sense. It was a series of Aha moments, I am so grateful. Your method is very different, unique. I am feeling more awakened, acknowledged and heard. I feel really respected and heard.”

~ Alaa, University Lecturer

“I found it very useful, it has given me lots to think about.”

~ Michelle, Training Manager

“You listened to me so intently and gave me so much clarity, all I wanted to do was something to help you in return.”

~ Kevin, Property Developer

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